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There’s no other place for a great meal other than: at HOME. But finding the time to cook is something else. Mia offers the perfect solution: Fresh, home-cooked meals made to order. Expect inventive dishes, fresh organic vegetables, low salt content, and easy to heat meals with no added preservatives that will keep you in the very best of health.​

What's the Menu?

Mia cooks great homemade and tasty meals for your lazy week night or weekend. Come and collect your meal after work or on weekends. PLEASE BE SURE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER AT THE LATEST THE DAY BEFORE

Upcoming Menu

Placing Your Order

Please note you need to place your order at the latest day before you would like to receive it.


Order by phone: 02 648 14 17

Order by email: miasflat@yahoo.com

Menu Next Door


!! You can order a menu on other dates for minimum 10 orders !!


is due in cash upon collection of your order.


Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer (BE75 0004 3502 1051 - Mia Callanta) in advance, please ensure you enclose proof of payment with your order form.

When placing your order please ensure you include the following details:

• your name and telephone number;

• the menu you wish to receive

• the number of meals you wish to receive

• the total amount for your order;

• preferred payment method (cash/bank transfer)


Mia’s Kitch

Av. Armand Huysmans, 34

1050 Ixelles

Phone: 02 648 14 17






Menu Next Door


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Dim Sum - pork dumplings

More Fun in the Philippines

Entree: Dim Sum-steamed             pork & vegetables

           dumplings with                        cabbage salad

Main: Chicken Adobo                        marinated &

         perfumed in spices                  with jasmin rice


Sunday 19 February


18H00 - 19H30


Crevettes Tempura 2x

Voyages à Tokyo

"Plateau d'une Geisha"


délices Japonais)


Monday 9 January 

Pick-Up Time:

18H30 - 20H00

No Fuss Dinner (Diner sans Chichis)

Entree: Green Salad                 with bacon wrapped goat's cheese in homemade vinaigrette 


Main: Smoke Salmon Parcel-

in spinach & feta cheese with potatoes & string beans salad in homemade buttermilk ranch dressing


Tuesday 29 November


18H00 - 19H30


Come Back Soon !